How to Extend Xbox One Controller Range

Intro: Poor Xbox One Wireless Controller Range

When Xbox One controller wireless signal strength issues arose I needed to figure out how to extend Xbox One controller range. Our Xbox One is now located in a multi-function room that is primarily used as an office. The game console is situated near a wall that separates this room from the family room. This placement is strategic because it allows the Xbox One to be used in two different rooms that both have TV’s. It was a great idea until I realized that the distance and wall caused my wireless controllers to randomly disconnect when used through the wall. The Xbox One controllers worked totally fine 15ft away without going through a wall.

Extend Xbox One Controller Range
Extend Xbox One Controller Range

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The Situation: When Xbox One Controller Range Became An Issue

My Xbox One HDMI output goes to a two port HDMI switch. Shop them here on Amazon. At the push of a button we can divert the HDMI output of the Xbox One between the family room TV on the other side of the wall and the TV in the office.

That means we can play 4 player Xbox One games in the family room as a family at one moment. Another day someone can play a game alone in the office and not bother others in the family room. It’s the best of both worlds and maximum flexibility from a single Xbox One game console.

The one problem I encountered is that all of our four wireless controllers would intermittently lose connection in the family room after going through the wall and 14 feet of distance to the couch. They connect at first but over time any of the controllers would briefly take turns losing wireless signal back to the Xbox One console, interrupting the game in the process. At first I thought one of the controllers was bad and I might need to replace it. I eventually noticed that each wireless controller was susceptible to the issue. The Xbox One wireless controllers signal strength just wasn’t enough.

Especially if you have a setup like me where you are using your controller on the other side of a wall or a long distance you will need to figure out how to maximize your wireless controller reception distance.

How To Extend Xbox One Controller Range

Facts about Xbox controller and console wireless signal strength.

  • All of the Microsoft Xbox One wireless controllers seem to have the same wireless radio hardware. It didn’t matter if I used a controller that came with the original Xbox One or a newer one that came with the Xbox One S. I even experienced the same results with my Xbox One Elite controller. Don’t waste money buying a different controller. It will make no difference in the range or working distance of your Xbox controller.
  • The original Xbox One has the worst wireless range. It does not like going through walls, solid objects, or long distances.
  • The Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X have a stronger wireless controller signal. Apparently the wireless radio installed in these models is superior. Upgrade to one of these models if you need longer working distances for your wireless controllers.


There you have it! The answer is in. How can you extend Xbox One controller range? Upgrade from the original Xbox One console to any of the newer Xbox consoles.

After upgrading from the original Xbox One to the Xbox One X my controllers never lose wireless connection to the console. The same four controllers I had before now work reliably through a TV component console, a wall, and 14 feet to the couch. That includes original Xbox One controllers, an Xbox One S controller, and an Xbox One Elite controller. This has completely resolved my issue. All of my Xbox One controllers never disconnect anymore. Not even once.

As an additional benefit I’m also enjoying the quicker game load times and 4k image quality of the Xbox One X. While the controller wireless range problem was my main reason to upgrade, I’m happy with the extra perks that came with it. This will keep me happy for a while until the Xbox Series X becomes affordable. Speaking of that…

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