Why Use a Password Manager?

Organization + Security You might be thinking, why use a password manager? One reason is obvious and one may not be so obvious. Of course a password manager will help organize the chaos of a modern life full of passwords. This has become even more necessary with the staggering number of passwords the average person […]

What Internet Speed Do I Need?

What Is A Good Internet Speed? As available internet speeds get faster and as fiber optic internet services get more popular it might be tempting to spend more on a faster internet service package. But will you be wasting your money on extra bandwidth you can’t even use? How much internet speed is enough for […]

Use My Own Router with CenturyLink Fiber Internet for Faster Speeds

CenturyLink Fiber Internet Service Many CenturyLink fiber internet customers are asking the question: Can I use my own router with CenturyLink fiber internet service? There are some important details you must know. CenturyLink’s fiber to the home (FTTH) service offers consumers speeds of up to 1 gigabit to their homes. These speeds are accomplished using […]

Best Reasons Not To Buy an Xbox Series X

Is the Xbox Series X worth buying now? People have been scrambling to get their hands on them, placing the Xbox Series X console in seriously high demand. But I’m here to give you my best reasons not to buy an Xbox Series X in 2023. That is, unless you are wealthy and need new […]

Alexa Voice Commands for Plex Music

Playing Your Music From Plex on Amazon Echo Devices You need to know the Alexa voice commands for Plex music if you would like to play your Plex music library from your Amazon Echo speakers. If you have a Plex media server and Amazon Echo devices you are in luck. You can play your own […]

How To Choose Network Cables For Your Home – Faster Speeds

Ethernet Network Cables affect Network Speeds Most people who are not IT professionals never look at their LAN network cables. They install whatever cables they find lying around and never think twice about it. Ethernet network cables are not created equally. There are important differences that will affect your network speeds. This guide will help […]

Old Phone as a Music Player – Best Repurpose of Old Phones

Best Repurpose Of Old Phones There are many ways to reuse and repurpose your old phone. My favorite and arguable the best is to combine it with a Bluetooth speaker to use your old phone as a music player. The rapid evolution of technology continually pushes forward. Mobile phones are no exception to this rule. […]

Tell Alexa to Play Music From Your PC

Your Personal Music Collection On Amazon Echo Speakers Many people have their own collection of (MP3) digital music files. Yes, you can tell Alexa to play music from your PC on Amazon Echo speakers. You may have hundreds or thousands of purchased audio files you have downloaded from Amazon music or any of the many […]

Display PC Name in the Windows 10 Taskbar

Intro I have a unique situation that caused me to search out a simple and quick way to display PC name in the Windows 10 taskbar. I actually discovered two. Neither are a perfect solution but they work. The Reason I Wanted To Display PC Names In The Windows 10 Taskbar I have a pretty […]

How to Extend Xbox One Controller Range

Intro: Poor Xbox One Wireless Controller Range When Xbox One controller wireless signal strength issues arose I needed to figure out how to extend Xbox One controller range. Our Xbox One is now located in a multi-function room that is primarily used as an office. The game console is situated near a wall that separates […]

OMV Rsync Backup Creates Mess

I created an rsync backup of my Open Media Vault (OMV) system drive to my OMV storage drive. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Unlike the other backup options in Open Media Vault, rsync doesn’t create an archive file to neatly contain your backup. Being new to rsync I didn’t realize that […]

Line Numbers in Nano Text Editor

Nano – Show Line Numbers I don’t frequently need to display line numbers in Nano text editor, making it easy to forget how to do this. But once in a while an error will point me to a specific line of a configuration file. This is when I suddenly struggle to remember how to enable […]

Linux Commands Cheat Sheet

There are so many Linux commands that it can be difficult to remember them all, especially for beginners. That’s why I’ve created a handy Linux commands cheat sheet. Use this as a quick reference for when you just can’t remember the right command. It happens to me more often than I’d like to admit. The […]