Hello, I’m Nick.

I am a technology addict (geek) who has dabbled with computers since a young age. As a child my introduction to technology was through our first family computer, a hand me down Apple IIe. I learned a little about the logic of basic programming language through typing application code found in magazines. This was the original method of sharing your freeware applications with the masses.

Years later I was delighted by our families first modern PC running the new Windows 95 OS. I was introduced to dialing in to bulletin board systems (BBS’s) through the modem. This was a game changer. A friend and I teamed up to co-run a BBS of our own. As the interwebs grew stronger and expanded, I watched BBS’s fade away into a memory.

An an adult I have worked in the telecommunications sector of IT for over 15 years. I support enterprise call center technology in an engineering capacity during the day.

At home I like to tweak and test things. I enjoy technology that makes life convenient. I like to add functionality and achieve tasks smarter. My first foray into smart home technology was controlling lights around our home using x10 wireless light switches. In 2005 this was considered impressive. Home technology has come a long way since, adding great complexity to the products in our homes.

I’m always tinkering and discovering something new. I’m always curious. Technology is an endless sea of new things to explore. I think that’s why I’m obsessed with it.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you will find something useful here.

Best Regards,